Gales Point, Belize

Gales Point was formerly a home site for pre-colonial loggers. Rresidents of today are mostly farmers and fisherman who recognize the importance of this delicate habitat and have spared no effort to preserve it. Read more

For me every day in Belize was a great memory, and I was sad to leave. My favorite part was meeting the people, who live in Gales Point, and learning and listening to them.

— Kathryn Fossaceca – Summer 2011

Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary is a feeding grounds of the Caribbean Manatee, and a nesting beach for the endangered Hawksbill Turtles. The sanctuary has twenty two ecosystems identified in the area under the UNESCO classification system – twenty terrestrial ecosystems and two aquatic systems.

Centered on one of two connected large lagoons on the central coastal plain, Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary covers a complex matrix of brackish lagoons, creeks and mangrove mudflats. With rivers and creeks draining into the lagoon from the west, water then flows to the east, the lagoon being connected to the Caribbean Sea through Bar River, a channel that cuts through the coastal bar of the east coast of Belize. Private land lines the majority of the shorelines of the lagoons and coast. Read more

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Critically endangered species of Gales Point:

Central American River Turtle (Hickatee)

Hawksbill Turtle

Goliath Grouper


Endangered species of Gales Point:

Mexican Black Howler

Baird’s Tapir

Yellow-headed Parrot

Loggerhead Turtle

Green Turtle

Yaxnik; Fiddlewood

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