Performance Media Lab

GD/COM 404 Performance Media Lab

Enables students to explore the connections among the arts, humanities, science, and technology; create a product to illustrate their collaborative research and interdisciplinary study; and present their product to the community in a public forum.

There was such a wealth of information to take in. We didn’t know what to record or take photos of first. I just let my camera roll, and if the journey wasn’t too muddy or intense on my body, I took as much footage as possible. I didn’t want to miss anything.

-Amanda Ghobadi, Summer 2013

Course instructor : Professor Barry Erdeljon

With expertise in interactive media, digital imaging, and video production and design, Barry C. Erdeljon has been part of Marymount’s faculty since 1992. He has creative- and technology-directed award-winning museum interactive displays, video productions, and Web sites. Grant-funded projects include Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, Calvert Marine Science Museum, and Freedom House Museum. Mr. Erdeljon has made presentations at museum design and technology conferences.

The moment I arrived home, I excitedly described to my children the amount and types of wild animals I encountered on my trip.  They were filled with anticipation to view all of my video footage.

-April Evans, Summer 2013

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